Nvision Green Energy, is a service provider of Renewable Energy and Environmental Services; Solar, Wind, Biomass and WTE power plants, and Waste management. Nvision Green Energy is a service provider for a wide spectrum of customers and clients including; private investors and investment funds, local and international developers, EPC contractors, and plant owners.  In order to do above mentioned services, Nvision Green Energy offers Consultation, Planning, Development and Implementation services, EPC sub-contract, Co-investment as well as Success-fee based in its various roles based on technical and legal framework such as technical consultant, planning engineer, developer and sub-contractor.

Nvision Green Energy’s experiences in renewable energy makes our facilities reliable for our customers. Based on our great technical staff and relying on our international partners, an overview of our services is:



• Feasibility Studies
• Business Plan
• Site Investigations
• Economic and Technical Analyses
• Monitoring Construction, Installation and Commissioning
• Project Management
• Local Legal Framework Documentation
• Local Technical Framework Documentation


• Market Research
• Feasibility Studies
• Site Scouting
• Energy Transmission
• Line & Transformator Capacity
• Local Business Documentation
• Data-room Planning
• Project Development & co-development
• Local permissions incl. land lease, DOE, Grid Connection, etc.

EPC Management

• Planning
• Designing
• Engineering
• Procurement
• Local Contents
• Site Supervision
• Construction
• Commissioning
• Grid Connection Supervision


• EPC Contract
• Preliminary Engineering
• Execution Design
• Specifications
• Contract Preparation
• PPA Compatibility
• Local Standard Compatibility
• FIPPA Compatibility


• Installation Preparation Phase
• Construction Documentation
• Site & Labor Management
• Custom Duties & Tax Management
• Logistics Management
• Safety Coordination
• Commissioning and Performance Tests
• Project Management
• Documentation